• Demand response for energy cooperatives

    Democratising the energy market through introduction of innovative demand response tools and novel business models for energy cooperatives.

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  • FLEXCoop aims at introducing a complete automated Demand Response framework and tool suite for residential electricity consumers.

    • The end-to-end interoperable solution will enable consumer flexibility to be valorised in front of a range of possible users in order to fulfil different services to the grid.
    • This framework will enable energy cooperatives to explore demand response business models and take the role of aggregators. The pilot participants are members of two energy cooperatives located in the Netherlands and in Spain.
    • FLEXCoop supports the democratisation of the energy system by enabling electricity consumers in households to actively support the energy transition and benefit from it through demand response!

  • Opening flexibility services to energy cooperatives

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  • Some figures

    FLEXCoop is...

    36 months duration

    from 1 October 2017 to 31 September 2020

    €3.9M budget

    from Horizon 2020

    13 partners

    from 9 different EU countries

    2 pilot sites

    in the Netherlands and in Spain, with our 2 cooperative partners

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    FLEXCoop is a H2020 project

    This project has received funding under the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme - No 773909 grant agreement.

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