• About FLEXCoop

    A Demand Response tool suite and framework enabling energy cooperatives to become aggregators

    FLEXCoop equips energy cooperatives with innovative tools to exploit consumers' flexibility as dynamic Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) providing balancing and ancillary resources toward grid stability and alleviation of network constraints. FLEXCoop brings together a range of baseline technologies to build an open and interoperable Demand Response optimisation framework includes a fully-fledged tool suite for energy cooperatives (aggregators) and prosumers involved in the Demand Response value chain, ensuring:


    End-to-end interoperability between energy networks, energy management systems and devices, enabling the information to flow from consumers households to the system actor who can valorise consumer's flexibility the best.


    Realisation of new business models for energy cooperatives, by enabling them to valorise the resources of energy consumers to complement their own resources, or to provide services to the grid.


    Residential energy consumers' empowerment and transformation into active market players, providing residential consumers with new revenue streams and with opportunities to actively support the energy transition.

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    Our solution

    FLEXCoop will introduce an end-to-end interoperable tool suite from the plug to the aggregator and to the final flexibility users. This set of tools will enable to segment, classify and cluster demand and storage assets as aggregates. This aggregated resources will then be made available to balance the cooperative own resources or to system operators for grid management. More about the solution...

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    Our pilot sites

    Two energy cooperatives are involved into the FLEXCoop project and will provide the real-life experimentation field where the solution will be implemented. These are Som Energia (ES) and ODE Decentraal through their member Endona (NL) Each of these organisations will find out a group of residential consumers who will install and test the tools. More about pilot sites...

  • Objectives

    Learn about FLEXCoop main goals

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    Objective 1

    Facilitating the energy transition

    Safeguarding distribution grid reliability and the transition to a more fossil-free energy future through explicit automated demand response strategies on the based on aggregated flexibility utilisation.

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    Objective 2

    Providing new services

    Enabling intelligence enhancement of Smart Home Systems with the integration of ICT-enabled human-centric DR optimisation and the provision of innovative services to prosumers

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    Objective 3

    Democratising energy markets

    Through the introduction of residential prosumers as active players in energy markets and the transparent sharing of benefits achieved between the stakeholders involved.

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    Objective 4

    Enabling interoperability

    Deliver an open standards-based modular solution that ensures end-to-end interoperability between smart grids, energy management systems and smart home devices and holds a high replication potential around the EU.

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    Objective 5

    Developing new business models

    Tackling major market entry barriers for prosumers with the introduction of new business models for energy cooperatives enabling them to take the role of aggregator.

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    Objective 6

    Promoting FLEXCoop solution

    Making FLEXCoop the next-generation demand response optimisation framework through intense dissemination and knowledge transfer of the project’s outcomes towards international audiences within and beyond the EU.

  • Presentation of FLEXCoop services

    Supporting flexibility services in Spain and in the Netherlands

    FLEXCoop enables self-consumption, market purchase optimisation
    and balancing of the system

    This 2'40 video realised in the context of the European Utility Week 2019 presents the main features and objectives of FLEXCoop as it is implemented in our two cooperative pilot sites in Spain and in the Netherlands