• Work programme

    FLEXCoop research project action list 

      The FLEXCoop H2020 project is structured in Work Packages (WP) and in Tasks. For each Work Package, one of our partner is responsible for coordinating the set of Tasks among the rest of the group. This responsible partner is the WP leader. The Project Coordinator is in charge of coordinating the overall project.

    • Work Packages

      The FLEXCoop project is made out of eight Work Packages, you can see below the tasks included in each of them

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      WP1 Quality Assurance and Management

      The objective of this Work Package is to ensure the realisation of the project goals with the required technical and financial quality level and timing. This involves the following tasks:

      • Governance, coordination and quality assurance
      • Communication, reporting and monitoring

      WP leader: Fraunhofer (Project coordinator)

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      WP2 Stakeholders Requirements, Business Models and Architecture Design

      • Elicitation of Stakeholder Characteristics and Requirements
      • Legal, Regulatory, Socio-Economic and Market Design Analysis
      • New Business Models for Demand Response
      • Definition of Monitoring & Verification Methodology for DR settlement and remuneration and Key Performance
      • Smart Grids Interoperability Standards Analysis and overall system architecture design

      WP leader: CIRCE

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      WP3 Demand Flexibility Modelling and Forecasting

      • DER Modelling and Forecasting Algorithms
      • Prosumer energy behaviour and comfort modelling
      • Dynamic thermal modelling of buildings and energy storage specifications
      • EVs Flexibility Profiling Models
      • Prosumer-centric local optimisation strategies definition

      WP leader: HYPERTECH

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      WP4 Data Acquisition, Management and Security

      • Open Smart Box and VES Component Design and Prototyping
      • FLEXCoop Common Information Model and Interoperability Interfaces
      • Middleware Configuration and Big Data Analytics Platform
      • Information Security, Access Control and Data Privacy Mechanisms

      WP leader: CIMNE

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      WP5 Open Demand Response Optimisation Framework and Tools for Aggregators

      • Demand Flexibility Profiling Mechanism Configuration
      • Demand Segmentation, Clustering and Classification Methods and Module
      • Dynamic demand-based VPP module and Global Demand Manager
      • Demand Response Settlement and Remuneration Module
      • FLEXCoop Real-time Monitoring and Control Platform/ User Interfaces for Aggregators

      WP leader: ETRA

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      WP6 Semantically Enhanced DER Registry and Open Marketplace for Flexibility Sharing

      • Open and Semantically Enhanced DER Registry
      • Open Flexibility Pooling and Sharing Marketplace and Associated Standardised Contract Templates
      • Prosumer Portal and User Interfaces for Prosumers
      • Integration of FLEXCoop Components, Preliminary Testing, Parameterization and Pre-Pilot Validation

      WP leader: Fraunhofer

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      WP7 System Validation and Impact Assessment

      • Detailed Pilot Evaluation, Impact Assessment and Cost-Benefit Analysis Framework
      • System Deployment in Pilot Sites
      • Distribution Grid Simulator Adaptation
      • Pilot Roll Out and Demonstration
      • Socio-Economic, Environmental and Technological Impact Assessment

      WP leader: DTU

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      WP8 Dissemination, Exploitation and Standardization/ Policy Recommendations

      • Dissemination and Communication Plan and Activities
      • Exploitation strategy and Preliminary Business Innovation Planning
      • Policy and Market Reform Recommendations
      • Promotion of DR standardization Punch-list

      WP leader: REScoop.eu

    • Project structure

      The 8 Work Packages and their interactions

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