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"Widening the path for demand-side flexibility services in European households'', our joint paper on interoperability is out!

Under the pen of Končar, FLEXCoop and Holisder projects have put together their findings related to standardization and interoperability in a short report. It highlights the challenges of integrating distributed equipment in a seamless communication chain, from the device to the service provider. The paper points out some key enabling steps for wider proliferation of demand-side flexibility services throughout the European Union.  


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The paper is structured around 5 key observations:

  1. The development of brand-agnostic services is complicated by the multitude of in-house and "walled garden" approach of some of the equipment manufacturers.
  2. Semantic interoperability is required at all levels; however, the landscape is still fragmented.
  3. Data minimisation and clear security standards are key to ensure data security and privacy
  4. The automatic configuration of residential equipment would enable broader access to demand-side flexibility services
  5. Uneven demand response market development across Europe and uncompleted frameworks for aggregation still hamper the development of demand-side services.

You can find more details in our report.