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The key role of data analytics tool to unlock the value of residential demand response

FLEXCoop provides a fully fledge solution that can be used by independent aggregators and energy cooperatives to valorise prosumer’s flexibility. Among the different tools provided, the FLEXCoop data analytics framework's role is to analyse, correlate and efficiently manage prosumer flexibility profiles and determine their capacity to respond to Demand Response (DR) signals.

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Where is the value coming from

In an explicit DR program, the aggregator gathers a considerable volume of aggregated dispatchable load in order to bid it in energy markets. To this end, there is a need for analysing different categories of loads in order to target different energy markets according to their properties / capabilities. For example, in ancillary services and balancing markets fast response is more crucial than the total capacity of demand reduction. On the other hand, in wholesale energy markets, the aggregator can bid significant volumes of consumer demand against high-cost production units.

The main objective of the aggregator is always to bid in lower prices comparing to the bid price of the generation unit that clears the energy market. Under these circumstances, the aggregator will be profitable and will distribute the incomes to each one of the individual contracted consumers.

What FLEXCoop provides

In such a business frame, the FLEXCoop data analytics tool seeks for the most efficient Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) for each service request based on criteria defined by the aggregator through an aggregator’s User Interface (UI). To achieve this, this tool performs portfolio segmentation based on pre-defined criteria like the location of the building and the individual consumption of the consumers, in order to achieve the optimum dynamic and spatio-temporal segmentation of consumers’ flexibility. In practice, the aggregators are offered flexibility-based portfolio clustering services, according to the service/ market that they want to participate.

You may find more info in our deliverable D5.6 “FLEXCoop Flexibility Forecasting, Segmentation and Aggregation – Final Version”.