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FLEXCoop Tools facilitate the role of aggregator

Exploring the role of aggregator is at the core of the FLEXCoop project. In a renewable-based energy electricity system, aggregators may play a key role. FLEXCoop builds up to facilitate this role and contribute to their multiplication in the EU electricity market.

Aggregator is an emerging role in the EU electricity market. By gathering an important number of small loads or other resources on the demand-side (batteries, EVs, PV, etc.), the aggregator builds up bigger volumes which can then be used in the energy system for various purposes. In FLEXCoop pilots 3 use cases are being explored: (i) facilitating self-consumption; (ii) shifting consumption to hours when electricity is cheaper on the wholesale market and (iii) reducing load on TSO's demand for grid balancing purposes.

In order to accomplish these activities, FLEXCoop sets up tools and their related interface for aggregators. The FLEXCoop tools include various ways to visualise and to manage individual assets or whole portfolio. Beyond portfolio management, FLEXCoop Aggregator Tools provide visibility on available devices and gives the opportunity to contact consumers

The Global Demand Manager View is an interface for optimal portfolio management. It enables the aggregator to create clusters based on flexibility characteristics and to formulate Virtual Power Plant (VPP). The interface also enables aggregators to monitor DR strategies implementation. Finally, the interface offers self-consumption facilitation (within collective boundaries - neighbourhood level) .

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The DER Registry View makes the DER Registry accessible to aggregators so they can request the access to new DER and improve their VPPs. This feature allows the acquisition of specific and dedicated services from Distributed Energy Resources (DERs).

The Open Marketplace View enables Aggregators to publish their contracts to attract consumers and engage them in demand response services. Once an agreement is established between the aggregator and the prosumer, then the Aggregator is provided access to the respective DERs published in the FLEXCoop registry.

Complementary to these interfaces, the Aggregators Tools are connected to the Message Oriented Middleware. Historical information will be stored on the Data Base of this module. Also, it will act as connector for FLEXCoop external services as weather predictions.