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FLEXCoop's user-friendly application to engage cooperative members in demand response and self-consumption

FLEXCoop enables cooperatives (or other Citizen Energy Communities) to use their members demand flexibility in order to consume electricity at the best time. A friendly application for the end users is an essential tool towards this direction.

FLEXCoop consortium partner Suite5 has developed of a dedicated prosumer portal that will facilitate the active engagement of the cooperative members. It helps them monitoring real-time consumption data and demand response events triggered by aggregators. In addition, the prosumer portal acts as the gateway enabling cooperative members to participate in flexibility markets, performing the final step of the overall FLEXCoop project by establishing the link with the end-user.

More specifically, the Prosumer Portal aims at three key objectives: Energy awareness, flexibility and self-consumption.

Increasing energy awareness

FLEXCoop Prosumer Portal helps prosumers to access knowledge about their consumption patterns, through a personalized assessment of their consumption and of their demand flexibility. The users have access to enriched visualization of energy related information which can also support engagement in energy efficiency actions. Real time information and historical data are available through the application.

In addition, comparative views with the typical user performance or with similar peers facilitate the end user to get intuitive insights about their consumption behaviour. Last but not least, sub metering level information is also available through the app as an extra hint to the users about their daily patterns and activities.

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Understanding their flexibility potential

FLEXCoop Prosumer Portal helps prosumers to increase their insights about their flexibility and the possible remuneration they can get from it. The app provides enriched visualization of flexibility related information. The end-users can know their total amount of demand flexibility at house level or further disaggregated to the different controllable devices in premises. The app is also enabling prosumers to participate into FLEXCoop open demand flexibility marketplace, allowing them to manage their contracts and to easily monitor remuneration earnt through FLEXCoop flexibility services .

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Supporting self-consumption

Finally, FLEXCoop Prosumer Portal supports self-consumption at individual or collective level. End-users get insights about their participation in individual self-consumption by visualizing their consumption against their local generation.

In addition, community level self-consumption is supported by providing intuitive information to the end users about generation and demand balance at community level. Cooperative members are that way kept motivated and informed about the innovative services they are participating to.

You can find more information about FLEXCoop Prosumer Portal in FLEXCoop Deliverable D6.3 –FLEXCoop Prosumer Application - Preliminary Version.